Things to Consider for your Political Website in Nigeria

A domain for campaign website

To get started, you’d need a domain for the election website. This is the url voters go to, to browse the site. So make it very  memorable for those who find the site through campaign literature or other media.

Decide on a domain name which sticks to the voter’s mind like or something equally straightforward. This builds the candidate’s name ID as well. You also need to check if the domain is available for purchase. Go to domain registrar like godaddy to check if the domain is available for purchase.

Select a website host

You need to select a host for your website. A host  is where the site files and data are placed. Selecting a host is about deciding how much space the site needs and the traffic you’d expect. For a local campaign, you can go for a basic setup. Some of the best hosting services are BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy. But governorship or presidential you neeed cloud host like AmazonSES, Googlecloud  or Microsoft Azure

Creating the website

Now that you have a domain and host, you can build the site and pages. You select a web design firm to help build your website,Jrango Tech is the right web design company to vall to build your political campaign website ,Otherwise, you could pick a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. A CMS supports themes so you can choose your election website template and use it to set up the basic site. The tools to edit individual pages are all available within the platforms so you can modify and add the pages you want right by logging in. You can tweak the appearance, menu options, layout and design without any coding knowledge.

Pages and optimization

Your campaign website requires some pages to address the voter’s interest.

These are:

§  Homepage with the candidate’s image and office they are running for. The homepage should have the campaign message and call-to-action for the voters like subscribe, donate, volunteer etc.

§  About page with the candidate’s background and relevant information on what makes them qualified for the position.

§  Issues page where the candidate offers their take on the main issues of the election. Dedicate one page for the issues of focus during the election and individual pages for the candidate’s approach to each matter.

§  Donate page with information on all the channels used for fundraising by the campaign.

§  Volunteer page with a form for interested supporters to fill up. Give details on all volunteer activities like phone banking, canvassing or hosting events so the voter knows what would be expected of them.

§  Contact page with links to social media pages as well as a mailing address, phone number and email ID of the campaign. You can include a contact form for the voter too.

§  Updates/ photos page where you post regular updates from the campaign trail. Include an email subscription button for voters who want to get updates straight to their inbox.

To make sure the campaign website is visible on Google, pay attention to the page titles. Mention the town/locality you are contesting in the typed content. Keep track of the keywords and titles you want the site to be optimized for and add the appropriate metadata when creating the pages.

A plugin like Yeost SEO for WordPress can help you in this regard. It analyses the page you create based on a focus keyword of your choice and gives suggestions to improve the page. Another useful plugin, SumoMe can help you add social media buttons and even create pop-up windows for donations or asking voters to subscribe.

Setting up a website may seem intimidating but once you get the hang of it, it is a smooth track. There are various functions served by an election campaign website. Play around with the customization options and you can keep the voter hooked till election day.

Jrango Tech is set launch websites for campaigns around Nigeria. We attend to clients from local city council , commissioner campaigns , state legislative ,state primaries,political parties ,governorship and presidential electoral campaigns. We have different packages available depending on your campaign’s goals and resources.

Each site we work on is custom designed, ensuring that you are delivered a campaign website that aligns with your campaign’s messaging and is consistent across all media.  Our sites are powered by a modern Content Management System, which will allow campaign staff of any technical ability to quickly and easily edit content, add multimedia, issue press releases,  and more.  Jrango Tech works to always be on the cutting edge of online campaigning, which ensures your site will be outfitted with the latest social media and web best practices.

The Jrango Tech staff is made up of experienced online campaign strategists who are available to our clients at all times to advise on online strategy or support the campaign with their technical needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help your campaign.Call us on 07051929795 or send us an email   at

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