Things to avoid while designing a Political Website

1. Incongruous Textures

It is not the artistic exhibition that you are building. Website is a tool to help not harm. That is why, forget about ridiculous textures and tell this your web designer.


2. Provocative Colors

Variations of red seem to be provocative, especially if used too much. Red color has two meaning, and the bad one is war and aggression. Even though orange tone is positive and it is the color of social communication, it may look awkwardly on the background.


3. Wall of Text

Even if you have huge plans for gaining the country’s welfare, be concise in forming your thoughts. A website cluttered with thousands of text lines will make you lose the election. Don’t turn the best promotional tool into the worst: don’t bombard your visitors with wall of text.


4. Low-quality Images

Hire a professional photographer to make a campaign photo album for you and keep the images in high resolution. In other case, you will look like an amateur and people won’t take your serious. Your website has to be solid, influential and persuasive, so try to work on each element.


This website has many nice images, but they seem to be resized and copied from other resources, their quality leaves much to be desired.

5. Heavy Videos

Heavy videos can slow down the website speed, and it may make people furious. Nobody likes to wait minutes for a page or an article to download. Making your political website video-based, you doom it to failure. Think about your voters and compress large videos or just replace them with other content.


6. Strong Focus on Campaign Store

It is a big mistake to persuade users to buy T-Shirts or caps with your name before they even get acquainted with the main points of your campaign. The store page has a place on the site, but not as the main one.


The first page of this website is Shop. The Header Video (of a bad resolution) is a background for a store section, where users can select the Men/Women Store and show their support to the candidate by purchasing these products.


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