Reasons why you need a political website for 2019 elections.

As we fast approach the 2019 general election in Nigeria ,It is indispensable for promotional campaign to have websites. Politicians are meant to  keep in with the time and the vast majority of them should  have sites for engaging voters. So, this is the first reason in our list – attract users with interesting content, nice design and of course the possibility to talk and ask the candidate anything users like. Another reason is that whether you win or lose, the campaign website will remain and you can transform it into a personal page or the official page of you as the President, Governor, or Mayor.

The Best Political Campaign Website: Features

  1. URL

This component goes far earlier than the website publication, but you should think of it in advance. The URL should include the name of the candidate, that’s obvious. Then, it can include the year of the election, because this politician could have run for the post earlier. In some cases, it is a good idea to add the type of elections: for president, for senate, for governor, etc.

  1. Personal Identity

Personal identity is easy to realize within personal pictures. People should know who they are going to vote for (also imagery satisfies users’ curiosity). Plus, the website can contain a bio page with pictures from the family archive, etc. This may also burst loyalty and inspire people to find another side of you as a person.

  1. Call to Action

Each website has a final goal and there are some of them for political sites. The first is psychological, which means persuade users to vote for this particular candidate. In addition, a website has to feature call-to-action buttons. These are Contribute, Volunteer, Buy, Vote (Online Poll) Buttons. It is vital to highlight any of these by means of color and shape.

  1. Patriotic Colors and/or Textures

Patriotism is the first feature a good President should have. He stands surety for his people and country. Patriotic motif is easy to realize on a website design. Textures, images and colors are great techniques for this.

  1. Exhaustive Information with Much Multimedia

A campaign website should be meaningful yet laconical. Voters need to catch the most valuable information at once and they should find all answers to the questions they have. Multimedia is a big part of the web content, it gives a visual report of what this politician does for the country’s welfare right now and what he can offer further. Such website is to be packed with Vimeo Video, photo galleries, audio libraries.

  1. Social Media Buttons

People share everything they like with their friends and if you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus button on your page, you are more likely to appear in the news band of someone. Then, it is just the time that matters.

Here I would like to mention the availability to enter the website with Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus account or email address. It allows (both you and users) to watch the statics of their activity on the website.

  1. Contacts and Contact Form

You should be aware of questions and issues that people have, so think of being as much accessible for them as possible. A contact form is useful when you have a person watching the requests and answering them. It is not enough to embed the form on the site. People will trust you if you find an individual approach to everyone.

Then, activate the Contacts page on your site. The alternative to a separate page is the Footer. This space can serve for the contact phone number, fax and address.

  1. Responsive Design

Not so long ago a new requirement was set in web design industry. It is responsiveness, which means the website is available on computers, tablets, mobile phones with no harm to the content integrity.



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