How To set up your Election campaign website in Nigeria

Through the Duration of a campaign  voters  discover  candidates at different times and through different means. Some would be know by  in by existing parties, some read online or via social media.

Whatever the case , interested voters always goes  searching for further information and the best and easiest place to that is via the web. So  it is important for all electoral candidates to have a web presence. That can be created through  social media , being visible on search engines and setting up an Election campaign website.

A campaign website is foreign for many Nigerian political candidates. However we have covered the basics


Purpose of a political campaign website

An election campaign website serves as a digital brochure for the candidate. It also helps  in other aspects of the campaign from volunteer recruitment to fundraising. A campaign website gives you visibility when a curious voter types in your name on Google. Through the site, you can control the information and narrative you want voters to read about can lay out a route for the voter to discover more about the candidate and finally commit to vote for them.

Let us list out the necessary aspects of a proper campaign website.

Pages and information to add

A good election campaign site has to include the following.

Links to social media accounts. Voters may discover the campaign website out of momentary curiosity but you can use it to keep them engaged throughout the campaign period. Link to your Facebook campaign page and official account on Twitter. The point is to push regular updates so the voter stays connected to the campaign as voting day draws closer.

  Collect email IDs and names. Some voters may not be keen on following the campaign over social media. They might have a preference for email updates so it is good to have that available for interested voters as well. When a voter subscribes to the service, you also get their email IDs and names. Collecting voter data is quite important to give your campaign communication a leg up.

Donation page and links. A voter who arrives at your site with an interest in the candidate or their policies may even be willing to donate to the campaign. You have to pitch in the question at the correct moment for that. A donation page or information on how to contribute will open that channel. The voter who is interested would like to have links to online donation forms or details on other methods readily available when they visit the campaign website.

volunteer recruitment form plus information. Similar to donors, campaign volunteers are interested supporters who discover the right channel at the right moment. Keep a volunteer recruitment page ready on the campaign site with a form for voters to fill. The page should mention what tasks and timings the volunteers are required for and the skills required. In fact, letting the voter choose what they wish to volunteer for brings more supporters forward. Let them choose between phone banking, door to door canvassing , organizing local events etc.

Survey or poll. Depending on the hot issues of the election, your campaign website could ask visitors to fill out a survey or poll on the matter. This lets you gauge the voter’s perspective and shows what really strikes out for your supporters. This will help you prepare for future speeches and addresses to the voters and lay out the campaign communication accordingly.

  Photos for sharing. This is something new candidates often do not plan for. Media channels and supporters who share campaign-related information look for photos of the candidate. This leads them to the election campaign site. A photos page on the website addresses their needs and ensures all the photos shared over the campaign are picked by you. Keep the page updated and add photos from recent events to the page over the course of the campaign.

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